Vehicle insurance has become a great source of comfort for you in light of the high road congestion. It helps you avoid the great effort that you may endure as a result of an accident. Additionally, the insurance can help you save lots of money in the event of natural perils, accidents or theft, God forbid.

Insurance claim instructions and procedures in case of an accident, God forbid.

The insured should do as following:

1. Inform “Najm” on the toll free number (920000560) and in special cases, inform the competent authorities (traffic - police - civil defense) immediately and should wait in the accident site for their arrival.

2. Submit the claim to a maximum of 90 days from the date of the accident to the nearest center of Al Yusr, after receiving the accident report from the competent authorities and filling the claim form. For more information on the nearest center of Al Yusr, a list of Al Yusr centers in the Kingdom is attached (Detailed in Page 2).

3. Submit all the accident documents as illustrated in the table below.

4. In case of a robbery or criminal offence, the insured should report to the police, submit a lead and cooperate with the insurance company to prove the perpetrator's guilt through an official all-points bulletin on the stolen vehicle. 

5. No sum should be paid to any of the accident parties, and no sum due to the insured should be abandoned.

6. The company should be informed of any legal action, interrogation or investigation related to the accident. 

In the event of the accident in remote area where no branch of Al Yusr is available, call us on our toll free number (8001160711)

The following table indicate the required documents:


Claim Classification

Required Documents

vehicle user's 100% liability

Shared liability or third party's 100% liability

In case the vehicle is damaged outside KSA inside “the geographic coverage”

In case of the theft of the vehicle

In case third party runs away

In case of fire or natural perils

Traffic Dept report or Najm report + Traffic Dept repair permission




Copy of the vehicle insurance policy

Vehicle ownership card copy

Copy of valid driving license

Filling out the accident report

If third party is insured, Najm report is a must. If not, Traffic Dept report is needed





Three estimates from approved workshops +  spare parts invoice + estimate of auto showroom chief (Shaikh Al-Maarad) if liability is shared or zero by the insured






Runaway declaration from Traffic Dept if license plate information available on the running away party






Copy of insurance policy of liable party if available






Traffic Dept report from the country wherein the accident occurred + repair permission from Saudi Traffic Dept





Original police report or all-points bulletin + append report on the theft 1 month after the theft






Original Civil Defense report







Important Notes:

1. The insured is not entitled to repair or start repairing the vehicle, without obtaining the insurance company's permission, under the conditions and provisions of the insurance policy.

2. The lessee should afford the wear and tear, all risks and damages and compensations caused by the accident, and any sums or compensations paid for the other if:1. The insured is not entitled to repair or start repairing the vehicle, without obtaining the insurance company's permission, under the conditions and provisions of the insurance policy.Important Notes:

  • The vehicle's lessee or owner doesn’t have a driving license or valid driving license or the driving license is temporarily or permanently cancelled.
  • The vehicle's lessee or owner doesn't have a permission or temporary driving license to drive this class of vehicles.
  • The accident is caused deliberately by the lessee or the driver.
  • The vehicle's lessee or owner leaves the accident site.
  • The vehicle's lessee or owner admits liability unduly.
  • Claim submitted 90 days after the accident occurs.
  • If the vehicle used against the purpose mentioned in the lease contract or if the accident is caused by an overload.
  • Continuation of use for the leased vehicle after the end or cancellation of contract, or the lessee's breach of contract.
  • The vehicle's lessee or owner doesn’t have authorization from the company, or enables anyone to drive the vehicle without valid authorization.
  • If the accident proved to be caused by (drifting, driving against traffic, running red light, hit and run, DUI, providing incorrect information in the claim form, and fraudulent claim).

No compensations for accidents or claims based on violation of the regulations or negligence.

Deductibles are subject to change under changes in the insurance policy

First: Deductibles for each accident, God forbid:    

1- A specified amount of money that the insured must pay in the event of an accident covered by the insurance policy's provisions.

2- The lessee should afford a portion of the deductible as per the liability rate declared in the traffic Dept or Najm report up to SR 6000 for each compensation claim for unilateral accident, hit and run, fixed object, street animal and \ or unknown camel, fire, drowning and theft) by which deductible is applicable.

Deductibles are subject to change under changes in the insurance policy

Second: Towing Charge under the insurance policy provisions

  • SR 300 inside the city.
  • SR 1000 from out of the city.
  • SR 1500 from out the Kingdom.

Original towing invoice should be submitted

For submission of claims:

  • Central Region accidents: Riyadh - Claim Center – Eastern ring road, Exit 18

Business Days: Sunday to Thursday (8:30am – 4pm)

  • Eastern Region accidents:   Al Khober - Claim Center - Gulf Industrial Area

Main Phone: (+966) 114776706 - (+966) 13 802 2339

Business Days: Sunday to Thursday (8:30am – 4pm)

  • Western Region accidents: Jeddah - Claim Center - Al Harameen High Road

Main Phone: (+966) 114776706

Business Days: Sunday to Thursday (8:30am – 4pm)

  • Other Regions: (Qassim, Hail, Al Jauf, Tabuk, Madinah, Makkah, Yanbu, Khamis Mushait, Jezan)

Main Phone: (+966) 114776706

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