The first method ( SADAD System )

Installment repayment has become easy through SADAD System that enables customers to pay their installments easily, quickly and from anywhere, which means no longer need to visit the branch but only enter the payment number of Al Yusr (024) via ATM, banking phone or bank website. You can also learn about the payment methods through the attached video, here.

Advantages of SADAD System:

  • Providing you with a fast transfer of your installments.
  • It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Safe transfer of your money.
  • Possibility of prepayment for your installments.
  • Possibility of partial payment of your installments.
  • No need to open an account in all banks.
  • Maintaining your credit record.


Payment method via SADAD system:

First: Get your SADAD account number by calling the unified number (8001160711) or visiting our customer service representatives at any of our branches.

Second: When you choose the repayment channel (banking phone, ATM, bank website):

  • Enter the repayment list for public services.
  • Choose Al Yusr Leasing, and Financing Company (code 024).
  • Enter the SADAD System account number.
  • Enter the repayment amount and complete the process.
  • You will receive SMS confirming the process.


The second method ( Deposits System ) :

This service enables customers to pay their installments faster and with more services by entering the deposit account payment number (903) in the SADAD system. This system provides the advantages of a payment service and more. You can learn more about the deposit service in the attached video, click here.

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