Sharia Committee

The Sharia Committee in Al Yusr Leasing & Financing Company consist of several scholars specialized in jurisprudence of Islamic financial transactions contemporary. The Sharia Committee establishment on 2015 to perform its activities according to provisions and principles of Sharia. Since then, Sharia Committee has worked on issuing its decisions independently with overseeing the implementation of these decisions through Internal Sharia Audit Section in accordance with its authority that is guaranteed by SAMA regulations and the Company's internal policies and procedures.

Products were presented as follows:

  1. Lease contract for individuals.
  2. Lease contract for SMEs.
  3. Consumer finance contract for individuals.
  4. Contract for financing SMEs.
  5. Contract for financing productive assets.
  6. Tawarruq finance contract for individuals.
  7. Tawarruq finance contract for companies.
  8. Consumer goods finance contract.

The SSB decided to approve it according to the contracts signed by them.

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