Who we are

Al Yusr Leasing, and Financing Co. was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Abdullatif Alissa Group Holding Co (AAGH). It has become the top choice in the world of finance thanks to its leading role in providing financing services across the Kingdom through the creation of miscellaneous financing programs that meet the needs of individuals and companies.

Al Yusr Leasing, and Financing stands first among leasing and financing companies in the Kingdom. It is one of the fastest growing 100 companies in the Kingdom and has won a myriad of national, regional and international awards.

In 2014, Al Yusr was given the license of the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) to perform finance lease activities, finance small and medium enterprises and productive assets, and provide consumer finance.

Thanks to its innovative financing solutions and programs, Al Yusr has successfully established partnerships with many small and medium-sized enterprises. These programs and solutions cover the needs of companies. Whether these companies are in need of equipment to increase productivity or additional financing for business development, Al Yusr is always there for them. Shariah-compliant financing programs have unique features that serve many sectors including:

Transport and logistics, Commercial and industrial sectors, Manufacturing sector, and Medical and health services sector.

Our Vision:

To be the leading company, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for meeting the financing requirements of individuals and corporates, through a variety of Sharia compliant and innovative programs.

We will demonstrate, through all of our customer and employee interactions, the highest standards of professionalism and adaptability, while maintaining our obligations to our owners and shareholders.


Our Mission:

Al Yusr Leasing, and Financing consistently invests in developing human resources to maintain its position high on the list of the financing companies. It achieves continuous growth in the legitimate finance area to serve the interests of customers. Thus, Al Yusr is always keen to provide innovative training programs to all its employees who work all around the clock to ensure operational excellence continuously and efficiently, professionally contribute to the management of our business, as well as maintaining a diverse and innovative team whose goal is to bring excellence and success for customer service.


Our Values

At Al Yusr Leasing, and Financing, we are keen to deal fairly and honestly with our clients throughout the phases of our relationship with them to build trust that has developed as a result of hard work in strict transparency to ensure the rights of our customers. Al Yusr's staff are dedicated to updating data on financing services and products provided to customers in order to be clear, brief, easy to understand, accurate, non-misleading, and accessible comfortably, We are also keen to clarify the rights and responsibilities of each party and details of prices, commissions, fines, risks and the mechanism of termination of the relationship and its implications.

We are primarily responsible for protecting our customers' financing interests and providing them with adequate information to make right financial decisions,  a matter that always earns us the satisfaction of our customers in our services based on finding the right solutions no matter how different the company's resources to serve the interests of customers.

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