Our Values

Our Values

Equitable and fair treatment:
Fair and honest treatment of our consumers at all stages of the relationship is at the core of our values, so that it is an integral part of our culture. Special care and attention are given to all our customers to grant them the treatment they deserve.

Disclosure and transparency:
We at Al Yusr insure that our products and services information are up to date, easy to understand, accurate, not misleading, and so our clients are clear and concise and can easily access this information without unnecessary inconvenience, especially the key terms and features.

Quality and work ethic:
Our professional work conduct derived from the long experience & the continuous development of our staff skills enables us to benefit our clients throughout our relationship as we like to consider ourselves primarily responsible for the protection of the financial interests of our client and for providing them with the proper information to enable them of making sound financial decisions.

Passion to serve:
Because our client’s satisfaction is our main goal at Al Yusr, we have focused our efforts on the constant development of our products, services and employees to ensure providing our clients with the best service possible.

Solution oriented culture :
In order to provide our clients with the appropriate financial solutions we have created a dynamic solution oriented culture among our employees that will enable us to adapt our practices and utilize our resources to better fit our customer needs.

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