Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

Dear Customer, For your protection and to be able to provide you with the best service, please make sure to read the below information.

1- Carefully read all information provided to you.

When you submit your application, you should receive full details on the obligations for your service or product. Make sure you have access to the details of your obligations that you understand them and that you can comply with them.

2- Ask questions.

It is important to ask questions to bank employees about anything that is unclear or a condition that you are unsure about. The staff will answer any questions in a professional manner to help you in your decision making.

3- Know how to make a complaint.

You can be proactive in using this service and knowing how to escalate your issue to higher levels, if appropriate. Your bank will provide you with details on how to complain and the timeframe for their response.

4- Do not disclose your private information.

Under no circumstances should you provide any sensitive personal or financial information to any other party..

5- Talk to your finance house if you are encountering financial difficulties.

By talking to your finance house, you can discuss possible alternative repayment arrangements that will enable you to fully discharge your responsibilities.

6- Do not sign uncompleted forms.

Make sure all of the required fields and numbers are completed in a form that is presented to you for signing or initialing. Do not sign empty or partially completed forms.

7- Review all of your documents.

Review all of your documents before you sign them to ensure no errors are made in the account number or amount. Your signature is an approval and agreement of the document content.

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency rules for Anti-Fraud principles in Finance Companies as on June 2017

AlYusr company is pleased to inform you that the company has developed anti-fraud policy to detect fraud whether it is internal fraud(committed by company’s employees) or external (committed by some customers) to implement the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency rules. The company will report fraud events to concerned regulatory authorities. Therefore, the company hereby seeks its customers help to report any fraud event they might have come to know in order to take the relevant necessary regulatory procedures.

Definition of Fraud :

Fraud is committing any act or not doing this act with the aim of gaining some benefit for the fraudster or other party, which would not have been gained if it were not for that Act. Fraud include but not limited to the following:
1. Use of documents, which contains any untrue informations.
2. Deliberate Non-disclosure of information required to be disclosed as per rules and regulations.
3. Misuse of authority or anti-trust or credit relationship.
4. Misuse of Assets.

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