Value Added Tax (VAT)

Added value before the Value Added

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that the following 16 branches will be open during this weekend to accept installments and final settlements before the VAT Law goes into effect :

1. Main branch(AL Malaz) in Riyadh.
2. Al-Manar branch in Riyadh.
3. Jeddah main branch.
4. Makkah branch.
5. Yanbu Branch.
6. Tabuk Branch.
7. Al-Jawf branch.
8. Hail Branch.
9. Qassim branch.
10. Al-Kharj Branch.
11. Abha Branch.
12. Jizan branch.
13. Hafr Al Batin branch.
14. Dammam branch.
15. Al-Ahsa branch.
16. Madinah Branch.

Working hours on Friday start at 3:15 PM And on Saturday at 1:00 PM



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