Insurance Claims procedure
In case of an accident “God Forbid”, the customer should do the following procedure:

  • Inform “Najm” on the toll free number (960000560) and in special cases inform the authorities (police, traffic, and civil defense….etc.) immediately and don’t leave the accident location before their arrival.
  • The claim Documents should be submitted as soon as possible with the maximum 90 days from the date of accident to the nearest Claim center of Al-yusr . then fill the claim form and for more information of the nearest center of Al Yusr  , attached Al Yusr  Centers kingdom wise (Page 2)
  • Submit all the claims required documents as mentioned at the below schedule.
  • In case of stolen or criminal cases inform the police, and cooperate with the insurance company to proof the condemnation of the offender. Intimation and popularization for the stolen vehicle officially.
  • Don’t pay any amounts to any part of the accident, and don’t concession for any amount related to the insured.
  • Don’t start to repair the damage before getting official approval from insurance Co.
  • Intimate the company of any suing or investigation related to the accident.
  • In case the accident incurred at the remote aria and no availability of branches for the insurance Co. , you should call  Al Yusr  insurance Co. at their free No. 920000711 .

Claim Classification


The responsibility is 100% on the client

Share responsibility or 100% on the third party

In case of accident outside KSA

In case of stolen vehicle

In case of hit & run from third party

In case of Fire or natural perils

Required Documents

Police Report / Najm Report + Authorization repair

Copy of insurance certificate

Vehicle ownership card copy

Valid driving license copy

Fill out insurance claim form 


If other party is insured Najm report is sufficient otherwise police report is needed  


Chief auctioneer evaluation + three accredited quotations approved by traffic directorate

Declaration of Plate number for runaway cases


Insurance details of Party at fault if available


Traffic report from the country that the accident occurred in + authorization to repair from KSA


Official notification of theft from police dep. + theft status update report after 30 days from official notification of theft


Original civil defense report

Important Notes:
The customer shall take the responsibility of the assets damage cost and all risks related to the third party damages cost

  • If customer start or  repaired  the damage before or without  official approval from insurance Co.
  • Any claim was incurred and related to illegal  traffic accident , theft , fire   against low
  • Driver doesn’t have a valid driving license at the time of accident 
  • Claim notification and Documents  submitted after 90 days from the date of accident
  • If the vehicle have used against the mentioned propose of used in lease contract or overload  
  • If the customer was keeping using the vehicle after the end of contact
  • If the customer used the car without valid  official driving permit , or used by unauthorized driver
  • If the accident incurred and the driver was involved in illegal accident ( Drifting , opposite direction , Hit & Run , Drive under Drugs or Alcohol influence, provide an incorrect information in the claim Form  


v The deductibles applicable per accident are as follows:

  • The deductible amount will apply as per liability fault and responsibility which was mentioned and declared in NAJM and/or Traffic Police report with maximum of SR 6000 for each and every claim.  Deductible is applicable for these accident claim regardless of liability (fixed objects or accident with animal) or hit and run claims, Fire, Flood and theft.

Towing Charge:  
v The towing charge reimbursements per accident are as follows:

  • SR 300 within city limits.
  • SR 1000 from out of city limits.
  • SR 1500 from out of KSA                                                                                                                           

For any clarifications & claims submission; please communicate with the below:

Central Region:    Riyadh Claim Center Exit 18
Main Phone: (+966) 114776706

Timing: Sun to Thu (From 8am – 4pm) | Fri & Sat Weekend.

Eastern Region:   Al Khober Claim Center Gulf Industrial Area
Main Phone: (+966) 114776706

Timing: Sun to Thu (From 8am – 4pm) | Fri & Sat Weekend.

Western Region:    Jeddah Claim Center Al Haramein Street
Main Phone: (+966) 114776706

Timing: Sun to Thu (From 8am – 4pm) | Fri & Sat Weekend.

Other Region:    Qassim, Hail, Al Jauf, Tabouk, Madinah, Makkah, Yanbu, Abha, Jezan
Main Phone: (+966) 114776706

Please visit nearest branch of Al Yusr    
Timing: Sun to Thu (From 8am – 4pm) | Fri & Sat Weekend.

For any further queries please contact on 920000711


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