Financing options for companies and small establishments

Financing options for companies and small establishments

Al Yusr company is proud to be a partner to the success of many companies and small establishments Including availability of its innovative financing programs, which are designed to cover the needs and achieve targets that F these companies to reach the desired success, and therefore whether they need to contagious Data to increase productivity or additional funding for the development of business, the ease STK Wen gate from which to greater heights,. Compliant financing programs and characterized by With the provisions of Islamic Sharia unique features that have been drafted to serve many Qata At including:

> Transport and logistics sector

> Commercial and industrial sector

> The manufacturing sector

> General contracting and construction

> Medical and health services

Financing options for companies and small establishments

> Profit margin competitor

> Financing period of up to three years

> Comprehensive insurance (in the case of leasing)

> Ownership of the equipment on behalf of the client conversion after expiry of the contract except where the installments programs Property in the name of the client from the beginning

> The possibility of funding and heavy medical equipment for programs installments

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