Out of duty to the homeland and the citizen, Al yusr Leasing and Finance has always sought to achieve the highest Saudization rates by hiring local expertise Saudi and ambitious young people who are trained and rehabilitated through a variety of training programs Development and so has the competitive capabilities required in the work environment to achieve the strategic objectives set by.

The ease Leasing and Finance to consider their employees that they are the truth and wealth through the development of its staff, which contributes to the support Employee in particular, and society as a whole. The company continues operating in efficient hand set to ensure high localization rate.

General requirements for men and women for jobs

1. The applicant / advanced for the position of Saudi nationality

2. be passing the medical examination

3. The applicant to fill out employment on the site Yosr Installment Company and noted all of their certificates and experience and courses in the same application form Form

4. The applicant should not be linked to the work of another subject to the civil service system or the social security system

5. successfully pass may be decided by the company from personal interviews or tests required by Position.

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